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+Can we still make a submission/get onto the programme?
Calls for submissions have closed and we cannot accept any more projects for consideration. Please continue with your project work and explore collaborations with WDC 2014 recognised projects.
+How can we volunteer for WDC and/or the projects?
Anyone can get involved by volunteering their time, support and mentorship in local events or projects. To make direct contact with a project of your choice, visit the projects tab on the website. Scroll to the project/s you would like to assist and email the project owner (email address is at the end of the project description). Alternatively, email projects@ with the project/s name or type of project/s you would like to volunteer for and we will put you in contact with them.
+How do we contact the projects?
Visit the projects tab on the website. Scroll to the project/s you wish to contact. The project owner’s email address is at the end of the project description.
+Can we get the supporter branding to use and show our support?
Download the WDC 2014 supporter branding and show your support for Cape Town 2014.
+What's in the programme? How can we get involved with it?
You can see the full details of our programme here.
+When and where can we see and do things for WDC?
All the time. Sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
+Can we register/buy tickets for the WDC project events? And where?
Most of the recognised 2014 projects are free to the public, however some of the events do require you to purchase a ticket.

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