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Facebook Attribution Window & Ads Tracking For Ecommerce

Many users adding products to their cart are first-time customers without an account, so the data that can be sent via CAPI for matching is very limited. Every website is configured differently, so I would recommend speaking to your developer to see what could be available for your specific scenario. CAPI is definitely part of the future of conversion tracking, but it is only as good as the data you have available. CAPI allows for the full suite of conversion events to be sent, and Facebook is able to detect duplicate events and “de-duplicate” them to stop overreporting. But there is a potential limitation too that you need to be aware of.

Log in to your Business Manager account and create an access token to secure your server connection. Authorize your WooCommerce integration with Facebook by selecting Manage your business. Conversions API is designed to help advertisers drive the outcomes they want using information and data they control, such as their customers’ interactions with their sites, products, and services. The use of third-party cookies is a great example of companies taking a proactive approach to consumer privacy. Third-party cookies are snippets of code that enable measurement of customer activity. Some web browsers already block third-party cookies and most other browsers will soon do the same.