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Why Auto Body Paint Shop Are Useful

Human beings are social animals and like any social animal, we crave simple but materialistic pleasures in life. A beautiful spouse, a warm and fuzzy home and a kickass car to drive in. These three haves’ in one ‘s life defines their ultimate success or them having ‘made it’ in the metaphoric term. Cars, especially the fancy ones have always been the ultimate dream of many and the satisfaction of having bought the very first, not only gives you social media validation from friends and family like but a sense of personal achievement. Basically, it becomes an extension of you, it defines you. So, it’s always sad, when a scratch here or there, or just a little discoloration, can cause a mini heart attack to one’s owner considering how fussy we all can be when it comes to our money and that too invested in buying an expensive automobile. Fortunately, technology and manpower both have made it easy to address such issues by creating elite auto body paint shops.

Auto Body Repair

An Auto Body Repair Shop, popularly known as a garage is an establishment where automobiles are repaired by mechanics and technicians. Auto Body Repair, refers to the body of the frame, windshield, windows, roof, doors, fenders, bumpers, hood, trunk, etc. When it’s dealing with the exterior or shell of the car, one needs to go to the Auto Body Expert. The auto body repair specialists go over the frame to make sure it wasn’t severely damaged. They’ll fix any dents and scrapes, repair the damaged paint, and restore your car so it looks as good as new. Auto body shops do more than just treat exterior damage; they also have mechanics that can take care of internal damage inside the car. Another component of Auto Body is the Paint that is used to make the automobile look as good as it was in the original shape after say an accident or a collision.

Auto Body Paint

Automotive paint is used on automobiles for protection as well as decorative purposes. Water-based paint is the most commonly used and is applied in several layers with a total thickness of around 0. 1mm. This paint is specifically designed to spray and stay on the cars and cannot be used to paint houses or walls. It is normally made of three components namely, the pigment, a thinner and a binder. The pigment provides the color, the thinner levels out the consistency and the binder binds the pigment and the thinner.

Types of Auto Body Paint

There are two types of auto paint: Waterborne and Solvent-borne, the difference lies in the material from which they’re made. Solvent-borne paints are the traditional auto paints that have been used for many years. They primarily comprise a solvent base such as lacquer, or enamel. These paints contain a large number of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that causes health and environmental concerns. Waterborne paints, on the other hand, are primarily comprised of water and contain just around 10 percent solvent. Due to stricter environmental regulations. There are different types of base coats also that are used to make one’s auto body shiny and brand new. Solid base coats are the most common, followed by Metallic basecoats predominantly used on sports cars with Pearlescent basecoats strictly reserved for flashy showy cars.

Shopping for Auto Body Paint

If one intends on DIY, then a few things need to be remembered while shopping for the Auto paints, some of them being Colour match wherein one needs to look for the color code on the driver’s side door jamb and order factory color matched paint. Compliance is another thing to notice wherein one needs to pay attention to any applicable compliance rules and regulations, including OSHA and EPA standards. Also, one needs to make sure they have all the necessary supplies on hand beforehand, including a pneumatic powered sander, sandpaper, masking tape, an air compressor and a paint gun which will be required throughout the process.

How about a fancy car?

Auto Body repair can be a costly affair, especially when it comes to the high-end models, after all, once vanity always costs one something. Ever since Elon Musk talked about colonizing Mars, he has been colonizing the planet with his world-class brand of cars called Teleported seen as one of the most expensive buys, Tesla has always wanted to be the coolest kid around the block. With the exception of the forthcoming Model 3 (priced at $35,000), Tecla’s are uber-expensive. A new Model S sells for close to $90,000. A Model X costs six figures’! So much for the finer things in life. Part of the appeal is its luxurious interiors and advanced technology with owners saving on fuel. For a car that already costs that much, you wouldn't even want to think about damaging and then going for an auto body repair, would you? Don’t Worry since Tesla come up with its own original Body Shops to repair your cars.

Tesla Body Repair Shops

On the surface, it might not seem much or a big deal but when it comes to Tesla repair cost, being able to repair body damage is a crucial piece of service that sets it apart from the rest since according to USA Today, the Tesla Model S is the most expensive car model to insure. And Body damage is extremely expensive to repair. Musk was quoted as saying also that ‘Tesla plans on bringing most collision repairs in-house’. And he pointed to the firm's ability to specialize in just three car models thereby providing Tesla service centers to be able to turn around body repairs faster than outside repair shops.

Tesla or no Tesla, here is one thing for sure. That Auto Body repair can be a costly affair and requires a certain kind of attention and workmanship to make your car appear as new as the old one. One wouldn’t want to possibly imagine the worst-case scenario, however, as unpredictable as life is, a minor scratch or an accident can be detrimental to the body of the automobile and one must take precautions to safeguard it by taking care of certain aspects such as Body Paint and Repair Costs. So, next time, drive safe and be aware.