Cape Town Design NPC

Cape Town's 2014 bid forms part of a broader vision to transform Cape Town, through design, into a sustainable, productive African city, bridging historic divides and building social and economic inclusion.

Helping to reposition Cape Town for a sustainable future through design.

Cape Town Design NPC: Cape Town 2014 implementation company

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, the implementation company is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the 2014 Host City Agreement are met, and that programme delivery is aligned with Cape Town’s vision of bridging historic divides and repositioning the city for a sustainable inclusive future, through design.

What will mean for Cape Town?

Winning the bid means Cape Town will host a number of Signature Events including an International Design House Exhibition, International Design Policy Conference and an International Design Gala.

is also an opportunity for our creative communities to get involved as exhibitors, speakers, delegates, partners and suppliers and allows local initiatives to enjoy the global spotlight too.

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